Heard Empowerment

Have you ever found it difficult to let go of the hurt and pain from your past? Or do you find yourself having feelings of loneliness, pain, or despair? You are not alone. Heard Empowerment LLC knows firsthand the struggle with unforgiveness and the side-effects resulting from a wounded heart including bitterness, resentment, anger, and rage to name a few. These negative emotions can lead you down a dark path that can be detrimental to your overall health emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Heard Empowerment LLC was created shortly after the completion and publication of her God-inspired book, The Power of Forgiveness – The Road to Healing and Restoration. In this seminal work, President and Founder Author/Coach/Speaker Sandra Heard shares her amazing transformation on how the power of forgiveness changed the course of her life and her once toxic marriage. Having to learn through trial and tribulations how to overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles, she is equipped to help those in need of healing. Heard Empowerment LLC’s purpose is to help you become unstuck and get you on your path to healing. We are a life coaching business with several areas of focus including financial, relationship and mental health coaching. 

Our Mission is to



Our vision is to help the voice in the wilderness to be heard. Secrets can kill, steal and destroy one’s life. You no longer have to suffer in silence. Heard Empowerment’s passion is to help you win in your life by teaching you how to let go of the hurt and pain from your past, educate you on the power of forgiveness, and get you on the right path to healing and restoration.