The Power ofForgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Author, coach, and speaker Sandra Heard shares powerful insight that everyone needs to embrace about the power of forgiveness. This life changing message will help you on your road to healing and restoration. It will also help you identify where you have been stuck and equip you with the tools to move forward from past and/or current hurtful relationships.

Sandra knows firsthand what happens when you hold unforgiveness in your heart. She provides wisdom, biblical principles, practical insights and tips that will help you:

P.O.W.E.R. Moms 3.0

P.O.W.E.R. Moms (Persevere -Overcome- Win – Empower – Restore)

tells the individual life stories and lessons of Amazing Moms that pushed past the obstacles that life presented and turned their “test” into a “Testimony”

These phenomenal Moms have PHDs, MBA’s and a host of recognitions and awards.  Their impressive resumes include:  College Professors, Financial Advisors, Business Consultants, Life Coaches, Franchise Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers; we consider them every day “unsung heroes.”